International Symposium on Science Explored by Ultra Slow Muon (USM2013)
August 9-12, 2013


Deadline of proceedings submission has been extended 13 September 2013.

Details of program is uploaded.
Lists of invited speakers and invited lecturers of the preschool are uploaded.

Post deadline contribution (Poster) can be accepted by July 31.

New announcement on preschool: A half-day pre-school will be organized in August 8, a day before the conference starts. The USM2013 conference covers broad science topics spanning over many areas. The lectures given in the preschool will be introductory tutorials for those topics related with ultra-slow muons. It starts from introduction of muSR by Dr Higemoto, followed by theoretical connections by Prof. Kishine, and connection to fundamental physics by Prof. Matsuda. Lectures will be given in English. The lectures and time table can be found at [url address to the program page to be inserted here]. All conference participants are welcome to join the school.

Guideline for proceedings submission is revised.
Proceedings submission deadline is 26 August, 2013.

Time Table of the USM2013 is uploaded.
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USM2013 will provide a forum for academic and industrial leaders, both current and tomorrow, to discuss and exchange their findings and ideas to develop a new methodology using a Ultra Slow Muon Microscope, which contributes to exploring great diverse phenomena and to designing new materials. The Ultra Slow Muon Microscope consists of two novel muon sources: a Ultra Slow Muon for depth profiling from a surface with nanometer resolution and a micro beam for probing inside of a material with resolution of several micrometer. A new spatial imaging method would be a creative tool to explore near surface and interfaces, which plays a key role in material and life sciences. In order to realize this, participation from a variety of research fields so far unfamiliar with muon probe are invited.



Kunibiki Messe (Shimane Prefectural Convention Center) at Matsue in Japan
Home of Japanese Mythology Shimane
The name of the conventional center, Kunibiki Messe, comes from a legend of Kunibiki appeared in Fudoki, which was written in A.D. 733. Fudoki are ancient records of provincial culture including agricultural, geographical, historical and mythological records.

Access to Kunibiki Messe(MATSUE)

There are two choices from Tokyo to "Kunibiki Messe"; ( Download Click here(pdf) )
1. Tokyo-Haneda Airport -> Yonago Airport (by ANA, 90min) -(Bus,45 min)->Matsue Station -(by foot,7min or Bus, 3 min)-> "Kunibiki Messe"
2. Tokyo-Haneda Airport -> Izumo Airport (by JAL, 90min) -(Bus,30 min)->Matsue Station -(by foot,7min or Bus, 3 min)-> "Kunibiki Messe"

"Kunibiki Messe" (Shimane Prefectural Convention Center) is the core center for all the convention facilities in Shimane. This is a full-scale convention facility that offers both exhibition and conference facilities.
Other Informations of "Kunibiki Messe" in English:

Time tables;
From Yonago Airport (ANA only)
Connection Bus (Yonago Airport -> Matsue Station)

(Tokyo Hanada to Yonago)
Flight No. Yonago Airport -> Matsue Station
ANA 811 08:15 09:00
ANA 813 11:45 12:30
ANA 815 15:45 16:30
ANA 817 19:55 20:40
ANA 819 21:35 22:20
Other Informations of Yonago Airport in English:

From Izumo Airport (JAL only)
Connection Bus (Yonago Airport -> Matsue Station) 1,000JPY
Flight No. Izumo Airport -> Matsue Station
From Osaka-Itami JAL2341 8:45 9:15
From Tokyo-HanadaJAL1663 9:10 9:40
From Osaka-ItamiJAL2343 11:20 11:50
From Osaka-ItamiJAL2347 12:20 12:50
From Tokyo-HanadaJAL1665 12:25 12:55
From Osaka-ItamiJAL2351 15:15 15:45
From Tokyo-HanedaJAL1667 15:50 16:20
From Osaka-ItamiJAL2355 16:55 17:25
From Tokyo-HanedaJAL1669 17:40 18:10
From Osaka-ItamiJAL2357 18:20 18:50
From Tokyo-HanedaJAL1671 20:05 20:35
Other buses
From FukuokaJAL3551 10:55 11:25
From OkiJAL3434 13:15 13:45
From FukuokaJAL3557 18:45 19:15
Other Informations of Izumo Airport: (Japanese Only)

7minutes by foot from JR Matsue station

Bus Time Table from Matsue Station to "Kunibiki Messe"
Bus No.3 Bus Start Place No.11
10:19 10:22
10:49 10:52
11:19 11:22
(11:49 11:52)
12:19 12:22
(12:49 12:52)
13:19 13:22
(13:49 13:52)
14:19 14:22
(14:49 14:52)
(15:49 15:52)
(16:49 16:52)
(week days only)
Bus No.2 Bus Start Place No.11
8:00 8:03
8:30 8:33
9:23 9:26
9:53 9:56
10:48 10:51
11:48 11:51
12:48 12:51
13:48 13:51
14:48 14:51
15:48 15:51
16:48 16:51
17:49 17:52
19:18 19:21
19:48 19:51

Important date

Abstract submission deadline 17 May, 2013
Early registration deadline 17 May, 2013
Preschool 8 August, 2013
Main Symposium 9 - 12 August, 2013
Proceedings submission deadline 26 August, 2013


Date: August 10(Sat.)
Place: YUUSHIEN Garden in Daikonshima island
We enjoy the Japanese garden which features 250 types of Japanese peonies
in full blossom and Japanese assorted dishes.
Charge: 5,000 Yen


Chair Person: Eiko Torikai
Web page: